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Social REV is the solution to systematically improve your Social Impact programs.

It provides online, self-serve access to the knowledge, step-by-step guidance, and practical tools to deliver the best Corporate Social Impact programs – no matter who you are or how much experience you have. It does what a management consultant would do – but at your own pace.

Social REV is powered by Backstage, our beautifully curated and ever-expanding online library of resources. With it, you have access to RW Experts through a Kickstart Workshop and Quarterly Solutioning Sessions. Everything is based on 15+ years working with the world’s biggest and most notable companies.

How Our Members Use Social REV

Ramp Up Team Members

Have a new team member who is new to Social Impact? Social REV offers training to get them up to speed and tools to do their job well.

Supplement Capacity

Low on resources? Save time searching for best practices and save money on management consultants. Social REV gives you everything you need to know.

Elevate Yourself

Looking to take the next step in your career? Deliver best-in-class programs and real value for your company and yourself.

Use Social REV to:

01. Learn and Grow

01. Learn and Grow
Understand the foundations for program development and management.

02. Assess the Current

02. Assess the Current
Tune in. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your current programs or culture and what your employees think of them.

03. Design the Future

03.Design the Future
Dream big, then determine what’s realistic. Design, refresh, or enhance your program strategy, and create a plan to implement.

04. Engage and Scale

04. Engage and Scale
Bring your people into the fold. Assess, design, rollout, or optimize your volunteer leadership and people networks.

05. Equip and Activate

05. Equip and Activate
Empower your people. Increase engagement, participation, and satisfaction with your social impact programs.

06. Measure and Report

06. Measure and Report
Monitor your programs. Create, advance, and/or implement a comprehensive approach to program measurement.

07. Remove Program Barriers

07. Remove Program Barriers
Make your programs the best. Optimize policies, technology, and other program hygiene factors to remove adoption barriers.


Ready-To-Use Resources

Looking for hands on support? Social REV includes quarterly solutioning sessions from RW experts and more! Get in touch.

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Download Realized Worth’s Strategic Program Framework and Assessment Tool!

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About Social REV and Backstage.

We love this question! Check out the story behind Social REV here.

Social REV is for social impact professionals – otherwise known as Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Investment, or ESG practitioners – or independent consultants looking for resources to apply in their own practice. Social REV is not (yet!) for individual volunteers or non-profits.

To make sure we don’t give you bad advice, let’s chat first. To learn more about how you can best leverage Social REV, reach out to us: socialrev@realizedworth.com.

REV Agents and Experts make up your REV Team.

REV Agents ensure that you’re getting the most out of Backstage and Social REV, including getting you connected with REV Experts when you need it.

REV Experts inform and create everything you see on Backstage, and are available to our All Access VIP Pass holders to help apply the tools, work through challenges, and inform decisions.

Eight team members. Believe it or not, this should cover most whole social impact teams! If you would like more than eight individuals at your company to have access to Backstage, talk to us and we’ll work out the best pricing we can for you.

Social REV and Backstage are NOT workplace volunteering and giving solutions. In fact, it helps with the effectiveness of those platforms. Think of it more like an “RW University” – a place where you come to learn, upskill, and retrieve resources to help you get the job done and become the best at what you do.

Oh, so much! For starters, you can expect a whole host of frameworks, process guides, tools, templates, and courses (well, one course to start). But one of the best things about Social REV is that we release new resources every few months – and you never lose access to the original stuff.

For the full list of what will be available upon launch, download the Brochure and check out the 2022 Backstage Roadmap.

To start, there is one course available: Corporate Social Impact 101. It’s self-paced so you can complete it at your convenience! It covers:

  • A Brief History of Social Impact/CSR
  • The 5 Indicators of Success in Social Impact
  • Elevating Your Social Impact Career
  • Introduction to Transformative Volunteering

Additional courses will be released on a semi-annual schedule. Look out for the roadmap of course releases, coming soon!

Nope! If you’re an All Access or All Access VIP member, email your REV Agent anytime and they’ll be happy to assist you in getting the most out of Backstage and Social REV.

O-m-g, we are so excited about this. If you know RW, you know we love to be with our people, showcase each other’s wins, and tackle tough challenges together. There will be so much learning! Okay, okay – back to the question.

The RW Event (To Be Announced) will be held in Fall 2023. This will be an in-person event at a location in the United States. You can expect more details in early 2023!

This is the second course we’ll make available to you – and while it’s meant for employees, it’ll also be useful to you and your team! The course focuses on:

  • How to Find and Scope Social Impact Events
  • How to Run Transformative Volunteering Events
  • How to Facilitate Volunteer Teams

Nope! Over the years, we’ve noticed that companies have a strong preference for employees accessing their learning content through internal systems – whether that be an Learning Management System or something simple like an intranet or SharePoint site. That’s why we’re making the course SCORM-compliant – so you can host it wherever it makes sense for you.

Since we provide unrestricted access to everything on Backstage for our pass holders – including viewing, downloading, and freely repurposing everything – we are not offering free trials. That being said, we are more than happy to show you around so you can see for yourself whether it’s a fit! Set up a demo with us by emailing: socialrev@realizedworth.com.

We’re so confident in the value of Social REV that we doubt this will be the case! But, we’re also realists – so this is where our REV Agents come in. Your REV Agent is here to ensure that you get the value out of Social REV that you are expecting, and if that’s not happening, work with you to make it right.

We’re here for you! Realized Worth offers a few services that range from completely hands off to hand-in-hand support. Check out our Workshops if you need a project kickstart, Presentations if you’re looking for a dash of inspiration for employees, or Consulting if you’re looking for more customized and dedicated project support. Oh, and Training if you’re looking to really take your employee social impact program to the next level – our favorite kind of work!

If you’re not sure where to start, we’d be happy to chat! Email us at contact@realizedworth.com.

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