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We are a tight-knit team that believes in the work we do – and in each other. We consider ourselves changemakers first, consultants second.


We exist to create a more inclusive society by breaking down barriers between people and engendering empathy and compassion in and outside of the workplace.

Realized Worth designs corporate volunteering strategies, trains employee volunteer leaders, and implements company-wide programs. We believe that if we’re ever going to see our society progress into one that is equitable, inclusive, accepting and compassionate, it’s our responsibility to help make that change happen.

We do this by taking a Transformative approach to employee volunteering that drives social movements and breaks down barriers between people. Our company values and principles are what guide us through our work, influence how we make decisions and create a culture of belonging that allows us to realize our worth.

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Our Team

Julie Henwood


Business Support Associate

Halifax, NS, Canada

Likes: Dry red wine, laughing until I cry, long/challenging hikes

Julie Henwood oversees administrative and sales operations at Realized Worth.

She is a senior administrator with 15 years’ experience in IT, engineering, and nonprofit organizations.

Graduating from Saint Mary’s University, in Halifax, NS, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Psychology, she is now in a field that combines her passion for people and business.

Kristen Guttilla


Senior Associate & Associates Manager, Client Delivery

New York City, NY, USA

Likes: Saturdays, dancing, cats

Kristen Guttilla manages client relationships and large-scale consulting projects, as well as the Client Delivery Associates team at Realized Worth.

Her background is in account management, technology development, and organizational operations with large companies and NYC-based start-ups.

Kristen pursues her passion for people and connection by volunteering and advocating for at-risk youth, education, and homelessness in New York City.

Nichole Giller


Account Manager, Client Delivery

Spokane, WA, USA

Likes: Meditation, baby animals, hard copy books

Nichole Giller manages client relationships and all types of client projects as part of the Client Delivery team at Realized Worth.

Nichole brings a unique perspective to Realized Worth, given her educational background in neuroscience, emergency management, and public health, along with her professional experiences in higher education and government industry.

Nichole is a certified Les Mills BODYPUMP fitness instructor and loves connecting with and inspiring others through health and wellness.

Chris Jarvis



Executive Director of the RW Institute

Baltimore, MD, USA

Likes: Epic stories, movie scores, big ideas

Chris Jarvis co-founded Realized Worth in 2008. Chris’ research and presentations focus on corporate citizenship as a powerful mechanism to address the critical social and environmental issues facing our global society.

Chris has 25 years of experience working with corporate and nonprofit executives to develop results-based impact strategies. He is a renowned public speaker and author, with education and experience in the fields of neuroscience, organizational change, behavioral insights, and transformative learning.

In 2015, Chris founded the RW Institute (RWI), a think tank focused on advancing the practice and theory of corporate volunteering through innovative projects, research, analysis and public policy change.

Kelly Lynch


Senior Consultant, Client Delivery

Toronto, ON, Canada

Likes: Feminist killjoys, running, old kung fu movies

Kelly Lynch is a subject matter expert in employee volunteer network development, change management, and Transformative learning content. She leads large-scale client engagements, guiding strategy design, scaling employee volunteer networks, developing employee volunteer leader training, and overseeing program implementation and measurement.

Kelly’s background is in corporate communications, community relations, and employee volunteer management.

Kelly is also an artist, and draws comics and illustrations that explore personal growth, feminism, and mental health.

Angela Parker



Baltimore, MD, USA

Likes: Fresh new notebooks, bing cherries, mossy hikes

Angela Parker co-founded Realized Worth in 2008. Angela’s work focuses on the practical application of transformative learning theory in corporate settings.

Angela’s background is in communications, entrepreneurship, and strategy execution. She has consulted with over 100 large companies globally, started and sold small businesses, worked directly with non-profit organizations, and provided workshops and training all over the world. Angela has been published in various books and magazines such as CSR for HR by Elaine Cohen, Cause Marketing for Dummies by Joe Waters, Volunteer Engagement 2.0 by Rob Rosenthal, Global CSR Casebook by ICEP and Codespa, the International Association of Business Communicators Magazine.

Angela earned her MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain and recently completed a 3-year appointment as President of the Board for Renewal in the Wilderness.

Megan Strand


Senior Consultant, Client Delivery

Camas, WA, USA

Likes: Pickleball, Pacific Northwest beaches, mini donkeys

Megan supports clients in creating transformative volunteering initiatives, from strategy and design to execution and measurement.

Megan has a deep background in communications, marketing and project management and has worked in small business, local government and nonprofit sectors. She is known for thought leadership in the corporate social impact space, frequently appearing on industry webinars, publications and podcasts.

A former Peace Corps volunteer, Megan is dedicated to sustainable social impact and currently serves as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), supporting children in the foster care system.

Tessa Carelli


Consultant, Client Delivery

Alexandria, VA, USA

Likes: Reading, puppy videos, mihojas, exploring foreign countries, and hiking

Tessa supports Realized Worth’s clients in their efforts to develop impactful volunteer networks within their firms. Her background is in communications and international relations. Before joining Realized Worth, Tessa was a consultant supporting foreign nations’ efforts to develop and implement public diplomacy programs across the United States.

Tessa received her MBA from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in Washington, DC, and her bachelor’s from New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), in the United Arab Emirates. Prior to starting at NYUAD, Tessa spent a year in Kazakhstan, volunteering with the American Chamber of Commerce Almaty and studying Central Asian culture and Russian language at the Kazakhstan Institute for Management, Economics, and Strategic Research (KIMEP University).

Tessa is from New York and Madrid, Spain.

Dana Jenkins


Business Support Associate

Toronto, ON, Canada

Likes: Swimming, puppers, card games

Dana provides support to our Executive teams at Realized Worth and the RW Institute, along with coordinates, manages and produces marketing activity for Realized Worth.

She has also worked on various RW Institute projects, such as the first Corporate Volunteering, Giving and Grants Technology Review.

Dana is a BA candidate at The University of Western Ontario (Canada), specializing in Business Management and Consumer Behaviour, and has a special place in her heart for all things Sociology and Women’s Studies.

Dan Frid



Halifax, NS, Canada

Likes: A blizzard, a cabin and a fireplace

Dan Frid leads the Support Services team at Realized Worth.

Dan has held senior financial and operational leadership roles in various organizations, most recently as the Senior Vice President and Managing Director for ABM Solutions, an IT and Technical Services firm in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Dan earned his MBA from Saint Mary’s University and is a Chartered Professional Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Jessica Jenkins


Director, Product & Innovation

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Likes: Rewarding hikes, board games, doggos

Jessica Jenkins leads product development and product management at Realized Worth and supports innovation efforts across the business.

Her background is in research, consulting, sales, project management and program development. Jessica’s degree in Sociology and experience in business inspires her drive for social impact through Realized Worth.

Jessica also loves to travel as a way to create disorienting dilemmas for herself and experience people, communities and cultures around the world.

Justin D’Angelo


Account Manager

Toronto, ON, Canada

Likes: Travelling by Train, Long Bikes, Donuts

Justin D’Angelo manages client relationships and consulting projects, and is a member of the Client Delivery Associates team at Realized Worth. 

His background is in project and account management and he has worked in technology services and manufacturing. As a PMI-certified Project Manager, he brings a rigor and passion for well-run engagements. 

Outside work Justin keeps his love of languages alive by volunteering with ESL programs and works with local history groups to help connect people with the places they live.  

Emir Okyayli


IT Specialist and Data Analyst

Toronto, ON, Canada

Likes: Playing the piano, video games, nerdy conversations, vacations, family gatherings

Emir Okyayli leads Realized Worth’s IT efforts, including technology management, business reporting, and data analysis. Emir also supports clients with data analysis as needed.

Emir’s experience is in mechanical engineering, with a specialization in energy management and energy efficiency systems. He also spent several years teaching high school and university students in Istanbul, Turkey.

Besides being a master of detail and data management, Emir is passionate about learning, and cares deeply about helping others and giving back.


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Volunteering Strategies and implementation

More About Realized Worth

Since 2008, we’ve offered strategic consulting services to some of the biggest brands in the world. We help companies successfully create or evolve their employee volunteer strategy through a comprehensive design, transition and implementation process that results in a scalable, robust employee program. It’s our mission to bring meaning to action through our Transformative Volunteering approach, which teaches employees how to practice behaviours that create engaging, effective and impactful volunteer projects for their peers.

With a wide range of over 100 clients including Apple, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, SAP, Altria, Deloitte, Microsoft, Abbott Labs, AT&T, McDonald’s, AstraZenenca, and others, Realized Worth’s specialized expertise is uniquely suited

for the corporation seeking meaningful impact through its employee volunteer programs.

The RW Institute was founded in 2015 by Realized Worth as a mechanism to solve unsolvable problems facing corporate social impact. The RW Institute accepts charitable donations for work that broadly benefits the field, such as training, research, and special projects.

The co-founders of Realized Worth, Chris Jarvis and Angela Parker, are based in Baltimore, Maryland. The extended team is based throughout the US and Canada. Realized Worth Canada is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Our Commitment

Realized Worth Values

Equality. Unfortunately, racism, sexism and other hatreds and phobias affect the psychology of most people. With that understanding, we seek not only equal treatment in the workplace for all races, genders, ages, religions, and preferences, but we actively work to dismantle the silos that perpetuate a culture of us versus them.

Acceptance. Acceptance is not a passive stance; it’s an active one. As a company, we seek not to change others with our work, but to create space where growth can occur. We accept ourselves and others as we are, and in our words and behavior we demonstrate that value is not derived from age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or economic standing; but rather, human value is inherent.

Inclusion. With employees, partners, friends, and clients all over the world, Realized Worth is an open-border company. We will not shut the gate behind us and we will not stand by while walls are built around us. In our work and behaviors, we actively seek experiences that challenge preconceived ideas as to inoculate ourselves against the exclusion or objectification of any people group.

Compassion. While we are a for-profit company responsible for delivering an excellent product within the realm of the “bottom line,” we won’t neglect our hearts. We are a company where compassion – pain, sympathy, and concern for others and ourselves – is embraced as an essential contributor to success. We, along with our partners, clients, and friends, suffer together so that when the time comes, we authentically embrace celebration together, too.

The work we do is focused on the design and implementation of employee volunteer programs, but it has always been about more than volunteering. Volunteering makes us powerful agents of change. It is one of very few activities that can facilitate a respectful interaction between people and issues that are outside the other’s comfort zone. If we are going to see our society progress into one that is equitable, inclusive, accepting, and compassionate, we have to assume it is each of our individual responsibilities to contribute to making that change happen.

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