Meaningful, transformative learning. 

Our learning programs empower employee volunteers to become who they want to be at work, at home and in their communities. We teach employees to tap into their intrinsic motivation and to cultivate a sense of belonging and inclusivity through volunteering to create what we call three-tiered impact: for the employee, the company, and the community.

The Voyager platform supports our dedication to meaningful, interactive learning by providing employees with a polished interface designed to build a connected virtual community, as well as digital tools and resources that make our volunteer engagement courses absolutely transformative.

Interactive learning content branded to your company

  • Content tailored to your company culture and citizenship programs
  • Instructional videos with voiceovers
  • Intuitive and powerful visual design
  • Searchable content and embedded tools
  • Collaborative environment with easy discussion and commenting functionality
  • Centralized hub for all citizenship learning resources


  • Email available within the platform
  • Full interactive commenting and dynamic transcripts for each instructional video
  • Notifications, chat functionality
  • Discussion boards and announcements
  • Community and group pages accessible to a global community
  • Translate all content where necessary
  • Easy integration with other internal systems and volunteer management/giving solutions

Knowledge testing, tracking & reporting

  • Train volunteer leaders across the company
  • Create assignments and track development
  • Keep track of all course participants
  • Review, assess, and measure volunteer training
  • Filter and sort training progress
  • Export comprehensive, visual progress reports

Single sign-on & mobile access

  • Saves time
  • Eliminates login challenges
  • Gives employee flexibility and convenience
  • Access the platform on any device
  • Employees can access training and tools on the go
  • Easy to use interface on all devices

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