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If you haven’t heard, we at Realized Worth are working on something big. We’ve spent nearly 15 years developing resources for over 100 global companies, troubleshooting challenges with your peers and industry executives, collecting the best people and information in social impact.  

On October 11th, there will be one place for you to access it all. 

We at Realized Worth are proud to pull back the curtain on RW Social REV, where social impact professionals get the job done and become the best at what they do. 

If you’d prefer to watch and listen to this blog in video format, check out the pre-release announcement below – otherwise, keep reading!  

You might think that “REV” is short for or stands for revolution – and we agree, it’s the obvious one. 

At Realized Worth, we are inspired by revolution. Our work becomes worthless if not to that end.  

But we aren’t here to appropriate revolution from true social revolutionaries: people of the past and present – in North America, primarily people of color – who, in the process of advocacy, campaigning, and protest, have shed literal blood, sweat, and tears on the streets that both raised and betrayed them.  

We are not here to whitewash revolution or claim it for use by corporates.  

We are here to co-conspire.  

We are here to start and sustain social movements.  

We are here to curate Transformative Experiences and spark what we at Realized Worth call social REVerberation

Social REVerberation is the effect of positive social change that starts at a source and ripples outward, creating reflections that fall on the ears and hearts of onlisteners. It is influence, effect, transformation. It doesn’t happen every time, and it’s not the result of every social initiative, but when the conditions are right, it is unstoppable.  

Think about this: When a concert comes to a close, the final piano chord fades, the last strum of the guitar slowly disappears, and the final harmonic vocals echo and eventually die. But sometimes, when the conditions are right, the effect extends beyond the timeframe of the event. Sometimes, the music is arranged just so, and the vocal heartache resonates right through us, and it stays with us. Sometimes, it’s magic. It’s a moment of euphoria, a shared experience. It’s disorienting and it leaves us beautifully shaken. These are the experiences that leave a lasting impression.  

This is what we – as professionals in CSR, ESG, and social impact – are doing. We are responsible for creating the conditions for social REVerberation. We are sources of positive social change. Our programs, systems, structures, networks, communications, and events are the tools that enable us to offer Transformative Experiences – lasting impressions, meaningful change, magic. So, we make music. We curate the right conditions. We let the work REVerberate, resonate, influence, and transform. 

Our aspiration is ambitious, but our approach is slow. It takes time to hone this craft and it takes patience to teach it to others. This is the long game, and it requires commitment, determination, and self-motivation. To believe in what’s possible and to work for it day after day only to see incremental change can be discouraging and exhausting. It can be demoralizing. It can be hard to keep going.

Jessica Jenkins

Director, Product & Innovation

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We know you know what this feels like.  

That’s why we created Social REV. 

RW Social REV helps social impact professionals get the job done and become the best at what they do. 

With Social REV, you can own your day and master your craft. 

Social REV is powered by Backstage: where the music comes together. Backstage provides ongoing access to 15+ years of resources, including hundreds of immediately useable tools, templates, one-pagers, infographics, case studies, research, frameworks, videos, training, and more. Created and curated by Realized Worth, it is rooted in research, tried and tested methods, and best practices from the field. Backstage is a dynamic, one-stop-shop for the whole team that continuously improves with time. 

Through Social REV, you can also get access to our REV Agents and Experts: the talent behind the music. Get access to our team to guide you on your professional journey – strategic planning, program development, event creation, nonprofit hunting, professional development – you name it! We’re here for you. 

And that’s not all. There is so much more to discover about Social REV. 

Social REV is designed with you in mind. Your challenges are our challenges. So if you’re ready to save time, money, or headache in your day-to-day; and if you’re ready to build upon and excel in your career – look no further.

Social REV is here.

Realized Worth helps you take a transformative approach to volunteering. We work with companies to create scalable and measurable volunteering programs that empower and engage employees, focus on empathy and inclusivity, and align with your most important business objectives. Talk to us today to learn more!

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