CSR and Corporate Citizenship Online Events 2020

Online Events

We here at Realized Worth know now more than ever there are too many online conferences and webinars to keep track of. That is why we have consolidated interesting online events related to CSR and Corporate Citizenship for your easy access. Below you will find two lists including upcoming webinars and past webinar recordings. Be sure to check back on this page for new events added weekly.

1. Lunch & Learn: Getting Started on the Communiteer Platform
June 25th, 1:30 – 2:15 PM AEST 

Discover the ropes of our virtual volunteering platform. Become a Communiteer expert in under 30 minutes. Learn the basic how-tos of the Communiteer platform, including signing up, how to begin building or becoming part of the community, how volunteering opportunities are created and completed, and navigating the feed to read stories and announcements.

2. 2020 U.S. Pro Bono Summit Virtual Series – Rebuilding our Communities: Small Businesses
Taproot Foundation
June 25th, 1:00 PM ET

Small businesses are often described as the backbone of our communities, employing millions of individuals and providing vital services and contributions. But what does their path forward look like in the wake of our current crisis? Together with a small business sector expert, we’ll build an understanding of the immediate, medium-term, and long-term challenges facing these businesses. Taproot will share how we’ve supported small businesses through pro bono and the best practices for impact. And we’ll uncover how the private sector can step up through pro bono to lift up these community cornerstones.

3. Insights on Disaster Season during COVID-19
Association of Coporate Citizenship Professionals
June 25th, 1:00 – 1:30 PM ET

In this session, E4E Relief will discuss readiness for CSR professionals entering disaster season amidst COVID-19. Specifically, they will focus on how to support your vulnerable employees during this time.

4. Evento virtual de sanación racial
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Jueves 25 de junio a las 3 p.m. ET

Reserve la fecha para un avance virtual a nuestro Día Nacional de Sanación Racial 2021, Sanación en Acción. La violencia y la inhumanidad que mataron a George Floyd sirven de prisma para las fuerzas insensibles del racismo estructural que han plagado a Estados Unidos desde sus inicios. La Fundación W.K. Kellogg se une a la comunidad negra y afrodescendiente en este momento, junto con todas las personas racializadas y sus comunidades en todo el mundo, y en apoyo continuo de las muchas organizaciones asociadas activamente en la búsqueda de la equidad racial. Vamos a reunirnos para acompañarnos en este duelo y sanar en conjunto, y renovar nuestro compromiso con la equidad racial para poner fin al racismo. El momento para actuar es ahora. Sintonice el estreno en vivo de “Healing in Action” (Sanación en Acción) el 25 de junio a las 3 p.m. EST en nuestro canal de YouTube, y únase a la conversación en vivo. #HowWeHeal

5. Ground in a Sense of Humanity & Giving Back
Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals
June 30th, 12:30 – 1:00 PM ET

In this session, we will briefly explore the role of philanthropy and its resilience throughout time as well as some of the key insights we have gleaned from our annual Industry Review. We will also highlight some of the tangible ways we can use CSR and employee engagement programs as tools for corporate communication, connection, amplification, and healing.

Dana Jenkins

Executive Coordinator

6. Virtual Conference Series 2020 – Money4Good 2020
June 30th

SUSTAINATOPIA is proud to launch VIRTUAL CONFERENCE SERIES 2020 – with a sharp focus on accelerating business development + investment acquisition within social, financial and environmental sustainability & impact.

7. LIVE@LIFT: Why the World Needs Entrepreneurs with Techstars co-founder David Cohen
Comcast NBC Universal
July 7th, 12:00– 1:00 PM ET

As co-founder of Techstars – a global network of more than 2,000 startups and the largest, most active seed stage investor in the world – David Cohen has advised and guided countless entrepreneurs through many existential crises and has founded and invested in companies in the midst of global recessions. Today he is helping entrepreneurs around the world navigate the current crisis as they build the household names of tomorrow. In this session he will share the advice he has been giving them and we will talk to entrepreneurs who are pivoting, raising money, and growing their teams even during these turbulent times.

8. The Listen Up! Show – June Edition with Derrick Feldmann
The Atlantic Corporate Volunteer Council
July 8th, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM ET

Guest Presenter Derrick Feldmann will exlore 8 common traits among companies that have been successful at shifting their business culture towards a more socially conscious mindset. Derrick is a speaker, researcher and advisor for causes and companies on social movements and issue engagement. He has been recognized as a leading researcher in cause engagement for more than a decade. Derrick’s work is regularly cited by such outlets as Forbes, Fast Company and The Wall Street Journal and as a reliable source of data on today’s cause engagement. He also leads the research team for Influencing Young America to Act, a study of how young adults are influenced by and influence others to support social movements.

9. 9th Annual Building Resilience Through Private-Public Partnerships Conference
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
July 14th-16th

Now in its ninth year, the Building Resilience Through Private-Public Partnerships Conference will focus on on building resilience in the midst of a global pandemic while looking ahead to future emergencies and how we can be better prepared through greater collaboration across sectors. 

10. Virtual Conference Series 2020 – Sustainatopia2
August 5th

SUSTAINATOPIA is proud to launch VIRTUAL CONFERENCE SERIES 2020 – with a sharp focus on accelerating business development + investment acquisition within social, financial and environmental sustainability & impact.

11. Virtual Conference Series 2020 – All In On Impact
September 9th

SUSTAINATOPIA is proud to launch VIRTUAL CONFERENCE SERIES 2020 – with a sharp focus on accelerating business development + investment acquisition within social, financial and environmental sustainability & impact.

1. How Purpose-Driven Companies are Responding to COVID-19

CSR Leaders in our community are adjusting to a new reality – one that is challenging us to think and act differently. You might be asking yourself … how can my company make a difference? This webinar showcases what purpose-driven companies in our client community are doing to influence the trajectory and impact of COVID-19. From matching campaigns, to public engagement and newly-announced grants, these changemakers are helping us see what’s possible.

2. Building an Inclusive Workplace Culture in Times of Crisis: Leadership Matters
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation on June 17 for Leadership Matters, the final conversation in a 3-part series on building inclusive culture in times of crisis. Culture starts at the top, which makes buy-in from leadership a critical element of intersectional diversity and inclusion efforts. We’ll conclude the series by hearing from executives who are actively spearheading their organization’s culture transformation. We will discuss: Building diverse and inclusive teams in times of crisis and beyond, institutionalizing and adapting employee friendly policies during a crisis and reinforcing allyship in an evolving global and professional landscape.

3. Leading with Purpose in Extraordinary Times

Our new Benevity Labs Special Report: COVID-19 Relief reveals how some of the world’s most iconic brands are activating their people and communities during a global crisis — and the related trends that are emerging as we look toward recovery. Join Benevity’s CEO, Bryan de Lottinville, and VP of Marketing, Sona Khosla, to hear about the key insights and find out what we’ve seen happening in the CSR space since the report came out.  

4. A very special reunion between UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie & RefuSHE Alumna Chantale Zuzi

In 2017, RefuSHE’s girls, young women, and staff were treated to a wonderful surprise visit from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Special Envoy Angelina Jolie. One of the girls Angelina met was Chantale Zuzi, a fiercely determined young woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Chantale was resettled to the U.S. in 2018 and now lives in Massachusetts. Her dream has been to one day reunite with her new friend – Angelina Jolie. And that dream just came true! As the exemplary humanitarian and mother that she is, Angelina took the time to reach out to Chantale recently for a virtual interview. We invite you to watch and listen to their heartwarming reunion!

5. The Listen Up! Show – June Edition: Employee Volunteering Changes Us – Neuroplasticity and Transformative Learning
The Atlantic Corporate Volunteer Council and the RW Institute

This month’s episode, with guest presenter Dan Glisczinski, will examine research findings about realizing the full worth of CSR, encountering others, and the cognition that transforms perspectives. Dan is an associate professor in the Department of Education at the University of Minnesota Duluth. His teaching and research interests converge in fostering cognitive development, critical reflection, and conscientization through education for the larger purpose of helping to form and inform reflective and active global citizens.

6. Re-imagining Digital Volunteering and the Role of the Private Sector in a post-pandemic world
United Nations Volunteers and IMPACT2030

Join us as we discuss how the fast-growing accessibility and connectivity of digital technologies have enabled ordinary citizens to engage in crisis response in creative ways. As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more volunteers have gone digital, using diverse technologies to provide “information as aid.”

7. Supporting Nonprofits During COVID-19

Right now, millions of nonprofits are working to solve challenges like rising unemployment, food insecurity and the medical supply shortage — often with less funding and fewer volunteers. And with half of U.S. nonprofits operating with less than one month’s cash reserves, they’re facing their own challenges that we can help them overcome. Watch our webinar to find out how can you adapt your program to provide the most meaningful help during this unprecedented time. 

8. Partnering to Feed Students & Families During COVID-19
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

This event will bring together executives from a unique public-private partnership to discuss the urgent need for and the impact of GENYOUth’s “For Schools’ Sake” campaign.  In partnership with corporate supporters and school leaders nationwide, youth-wellness nonprofit GENYOUth created the “For Schools’ Sake” campaign. This campaign provides funding and resources for school communities coping with millions in unbudgeted expenses around school meals during the shutdown. 

9. Strengthening Global Health Security in Times of Crisis – Nancy Knight, CDC
The International Economic Forum of the Americas

This week, Nancy Knight, Director of the Division of Global Health Protection (DGHP) at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) comments on measures taken by the public health systems to strengthen global health security. New York Times’ Jeneen Interlandi asks, among others, the following pressing questions: what has the current pandemic taught us about the strength and weaknesses of the global public health systems? (6:31); are there lessons from this pandemic that the United States can learn from other countries? (10:39); and what are the top priorities of the CDC? (16:32).

10. Building an Inclusive Workplace Culture in Times of Crisis: Inclusion Matters
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Join the U.S. Chamber Foundation on June 3 for Inclusion Matters, the first conversation in a three-part series on building an inclusive workplace culture in times of crisis. Diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is correlated to more creative, innovative, and productive outcomes. In all contexts, but especially during a crisis, it’s critical to ensure employees from all backgrounds feel safe and supported. This webinar will cover: Building a culture of empathy, mitigating unconscious bias in new work environments, and strengthening diversity and inclusion hiring strategies and talent pipelines.

11. Adapting to The New Normal
The International Economic Forum of the Americas

This week, Dean Connor, President and CEO of Sun Life Financial shares his insights on the effects of the COVID-19 on the economy and on how companies will have to adapt to thrive in the new normal. BNN Bloomberg’s Amanda Lang asks, among others, the following pressing questions: What do we need to worry about as we go through this crisis? (2:18); How do you account for market volatility when planning for the medium and long term? (3:45); How do you navigate through the high level of uncertainty we live in right now? (5:02); How do you think this pandemic will change your operations as a CEO, as well as the operations of your clients? (6:52).

12. Integrating Empathy Into A Digitized Workplace In The Pandemic Age
Engage for Good

This webinar is FREE to Virtual Conference attendees and EFG Members. In the modern era of video calls and group messages, it’s more critical than ever to build human connection and create an empathetic work environment. In this webinar, empathy expert Michael Soskil and The KIND Foundation’s Naomi Giges Downey lead you through exercises to reveal your attitudes and biases, help you better understand other perspectives and teach you how to strengthen human connections even across computer screens.

13. Candid Conversation with Kevin Clayton

Kevin Clayton, Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement at the Cleveland Cavaliers and Charities@Work will leverage his 30+ years of executive experience in working with some of the world’s most notable brands in sports, consumer products and healthcare. He will share insights and real examples of virtual community and employee engagement, leveraging inclusion to drive innovation and the domino impact of the health disparities that have been unmasked during these challenging times.

14. The Normal Economy is Never Coming Back
The International Economic Forum of the Americas

How is the idea that globalization being challenged today? How should we prioritize the way we allocate resources when looking to build a more sustainable and resilient economy? Is the current economic crisis creating a point of no return in th social contract between state and citizens? This week Laurence Boone, Chief Economist of the OECD talks with Reuters Breakingviews’ Global Economic Editor Swaha Pattanaik about the consequences the pandemic will have on nations, societies and businesses.

15. Listen Up! Show May: Employee Volunteering in Europe – What you need to know if it’s going to work
The Atlantic Corporate Volunteer Council

This month’s episode features presenter Michael Alberg-Seberich who will share his perspective on corporate volunteering in Germany and Europe and trends in Corporate Social Responsibility overall. Michael is a Managing Director & Partner at Gmbh in Berlin and recently published guidance on corporate volunteering with Dr Laura Marie Edinger-Schons, Holder of the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility University of Mannheim.

16. Listen Up! Show April: The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Volunteering
The Atlantic Corporate Volunteer Council

Creating a meaningful virtual employee volunteer program isn’t as simple as just posting a few online projects and hoping people respond. This episode of Listen Up! will be a discussion of the critical insights you need to know when building a purpose-driven employee volunteer program – online!

Realized Worth helps companies go beyond volunteering to do citizenship better. We work with companies to create impactful citizenship strategies and programs that empower and engage employees, that focus on empathy and inclusivity, and that align with your most important business objectives. Talk to us today to learn more!

Online Events

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