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Launch Your Virtual Volunteering Program in Four Weeks

Realized Worth is responding to the sudden need of our partners to adapt corporate volunteering to a virtual environment due to the COVID-19 crisisNot only is there a need to take immediate action to aid people, non-profits, and small businesses amid this crisis, but we are also facing the possibility of our hyper-virtual present becoming the new normal. Why should you consider establishing a virtual volunteering program at this crucial time? 

  1. Many employees are overworked and overwhelmed. While we may not be able to solve for every immediate challenge, we can at least offer employees a sense of purpose by providing a way to help when help is neededIn fact, if you have not communicated to employees that you are working toward finding a way to help them proactively give back to their communities – why not? They are waiting on you to demonstrate that you are a company who cares. 
  2. Many non-profits and community partners need support, but they’re not well set up to receive virtual volunteers. With a little guidance, your employees can not only provide services, but help organizations prepare to benefit from a new and unfamiliar format 
  3. Adding a virtual element to your corporate volunteering program demonstrates adaptability in the immediate term and builds resilience in the long term. The virtual programs you build now will continue to provide engagement opportunities for remote, unwired, and hourly employee populations long after our global health crisis has passed.  

Realized Worth’s Virtual Volunteering Launch Accelerator partners our team with yours to create a holistic approach to virtual volunteering that builds upon and aligns with your existing CSR strategy while bringing your people together in a shared, meaningful experience.  


The Virtual Volunteering Launch Accelerator is based on Realized Worth’s methodology for designing, transitioning, and launching full-scale volunteering programs rooted in the Transformative Volunteering approach. This approach to volunteering teaches volunteer leaders the key competencies necessary to manage volunteer events that generate empathy while driving results for employees, the company, and the community. 

The principles that drive the value of in-person volunteering are also the backbone of virtual volunteeringWith people all over the world forced to stay at home, we have an even greater opportunity and responsibility to humanize virtual volunteering and create space where our employees can connect with each other and with the needs of the outside world. 

As a 100% virtual company with deep expertise in employee volunteering managementwe understand the complexities around creating meaningful connections online. We provide you the guidance and the tools to establish the critical structures required to launch and maintain a self-sustaining program without sacrificing the Transformative quality of volunteering experiences. 


The Accelerator is designed to provide practical guidance, tools, and resources to get virtual volunteering up and running for your employees in just four weeks. Specifically, our team will help you:  

  • Build a purpose-driven approach that aligns with your existing strategies, programs, and objectives 
  • Identify best-fit volunteering opportunities from a dynamic, pre-vetted list from the RW Institute 
  • Determine the ideal logistics and/or technology platform required to facilitate events  
  • Establish the program structure required to facilitate and support transformative experiences  
  • Find the most suitable volunteer leaders to guide online volunteering experiences   
  • Create and deliver volunteer leader resources and training to sustain ongoing involvement  
  • Build a framework for tracking and measuring the involvement and impact of your virtual volunteering program.   


The following is included in the Virtual Volunteering Accelerator to help your program succeed: 

  • Your personal Virtual Volunteering Launch Accelerator Toolbox 
  • Four weeks of semi-weekly 1-hour calls (8 in total) with your Realized Worth Accelerator Team to guide the application of your Toolbox  
  • A dedicated Realized Worth Project Manager who works with your team to make sure you have everything you need to launch in four weeks
  • Access to the Realized Worth Virtual Volunteering Peer-Learning Cohort which includes three consecutive monthly virtual meetings for Practitioners and Volunteer Leaders to share best practices, challenges, and solutions for the virtual volunteering world

Join us in this opportunity to humanize virtual volunteering and create space where people can connect with each other and with the needs of the outside world. We are eager to partner with you to enhance your existing CSR strategy and bring your people together in a shared, meaningful experience. Your Realized Worth Accelerator Team is ready when you are.   

Contact us at to learn more about The Virtual Volunteering Accelerator and how you create meaningful connections across your company. 

Realized Worth helps companies go beyond volunteering to do citizenship better. We work with companies to create impactful citizenship strategies and programs that empower and engage employees, that focus on empathy and inclusivity, and that align with your most important business objectives. Talk to us today to learn more!

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