Infographic: The Journey of the Volunteer

Stages of a Volunteer, Transformative Volunteering

Volunteering is a safe space. First-time volunteers can interact with unfamiliar issues and with people (beneficiaries) they may not ordinarily cross paths with due to so-called invisible” social and economic barriers. In and out groups exist for many reasons, but often they exist because people refuse to interact with the unknown; and unknown” often translates to people who live lives less fortunate or very unlike our own. If first-time volunteers are given an experience that feels meaningful, that challenges their perceptions, not only are they more likely to keep volunteering  they begin to understand they are an important thread that makes up the fabric of our society. They begin to see that volunteering is not just about helping, it’s about belonging: to our communities, and to one another.

Check out this resource on the Journey of the Volunteer to learn more about the three stages of the volunteer journey: Tourist, traveler and guide. Want more? Check out our full guide here.

Volunteer journey infographic realized worth three stages of the volunteer


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Stages of a VolunteerTransformative Volunteering

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