Where will you be this fall? Here’s where you can find Realized Worth over the next few months. Want us to treat you to a fine beverage? Let’s make plans!

fall events

Charities@Work Fall Forum: Common Understandings, Better Partnerships

September 24th
San Francisco, California

At Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus in Mountain View, we’ll meet with industry leaders to discuss the trends and opportunities available to drive the ROI of corporate volunteering and giving. This event is designed to synthesize and share actionable strategy, tactics, and advice from the most recent Charities@Work Summit on Employee Engagement and Corporate Citizenship held in NYC this past April.

LBG Measurement Workshop

September 28th
Toronto, Ontario

At this event, LBG welcomes Chris McLeod (Program Manager, Right to Play) as their guest speaker. He will share techniques to measure impact among children, vulnerable communities, and among stakeholders where language could be a barrier to impact measurement. A group of the Realized Worth team will be there and we’ll be looking for you!

LBG 2015 Annual Summit

September 29-30
Toronto, Ontario

The 2015 LBG Canada Annual Meeting is an opportunity for community investment professionals to connect with peers from across the country, to explore emerging trends, and to discuss different approaches to maximize value – for the community, for employees, and for the business. Chris Jarvis will present practical steps on how to make engagement strategies (volunteering and giving) meaningful to employees, meaningful to the business, and meaningful to the community. Find more insights on this topic here.

OneOC “Doing Good, Together” Summit

October 2nd
Los Angeles, California

We’re excited to speak alongside Carol Cone at the event where the topic will be corporate community engagement as a 21st Century business necessity. Disney, Google, IBM, PwC, and thousands of smaller businesses involve their employees in giving back to the community. Whether your business has three or 300,000 employees, dozens or millions of customers, stakeholders expect you to do good, not just well. You can still register for this event if you’d like to join us.

International Volunteering Workshop (Vancouver)

October 7th
Vancouver, British Colombia

International Volunteering Workshop (Calgary)

October 8th
Calgary, Alberta

International Volunteering Workshop (Toronto)

October 23rd
Toronto, ON

International volunteering opens up new and exciting global impact opportunities for your business and employees. This workshop focuses on leveraging your existing employee engagement programs while showing the value of integrating an international volunteering option for broader economic and social change. Join Realized Worth and Uniterra in any one of three cities to learn new ways to motivate, empower and sustainably engage your employees in a global volunteer movement.

Program Design with SAP

October 14th
Frankfurt, Germany

We’ll be in Germany for client work, but we certainly expect to spend time with our German friends and partners while we’re in the area. Let us know you’re in town and we’ll schedule some time!

Daily Bread Food Bank

October 14th
Toronto, Ontario

While some of the team is in Germany, others will be facilitating a volunteer event and training with the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto. We’re looking forward to a great day with this well-respected organization!

Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service

October 20th
Houston, Texas

While the whole conference promises to be engaging and educational, we’re especially excited about three sessions. One is called Employee Engagement: What’s Working and What’s Not. Chris Jarvis will have the opportunity to present alongside Charlie Agee from Altria and Spring Lacey from Prudential and London Roth from Humana. Then, we’re pretty excited about our session alongside the authors of Volunteer Engagement 2.0. We’ll talk about the ideas and insights that are powering transformative change in the way relationships, strategies, partnerships, and technology impact volunteer engagement in today’s world. Finally, IMPACT 2030 will be presented at a session entitled Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Through Employee Volunteerism. Lots of great stuff. Hope to see you there!

Companies and Causes Canada

October 22nd
Toronto, Ontario

From the geniuses behind the Cause Marketing Forum, Companies and Causes Canada enjoyed its inaugural event last year and promises to be even bigger and better this year. Realized Worth will be there talking about employee engagement. There’s a big difference between getting people to show up for volunteering opportunities and creating experiences that energize your colleagues. Join us to discuss further. And don’t miss Harvard Business School Professor Michael Norton as he shares field-tested research from Canada and around the world demonstrating how cause campaigns generate increased purchases and loyalty for companies while boosting customer and employee satisfaction.

Conference Board – Strategic Community Impact Symposium

December 1st
New York, New York

This event will showcase inspiring practices in corporate community involvement from the perspective of two lenses. First, within the company itself – engaging, encouraging, and enabling growing leaders within the business through the corporate volunteering efforts of the company. Second, outside of the company – through collaborative and innovative partnerships with nonprofits, government and community leaders; interesting projects and forward-thinking ideas. Look for Realized Worth’s Corey Diamond at this event, not to mention other high-caliber thinkers on the impressive list of speakers.

2015 VolunteerMatch Summit

December 1st
San Francisco, California

We’re excited to join VolunteerMatch for this summit of like-minded professionals in the fields of employee engagement and corporate responsibility. Every year, the summit proves to be an energetic space to get together, share best practices, and learn from industry experts. The previous 13 Summits have only been open to VolunteerMatch corporate clients, but this year, they’re inviting companies far and wide who are committed to community engagement. There’s still time to register!

There are likely more stops in the US, Canada and abroad to come! Where will you be? We’d love to see you. Send us a note, give us a call, or leave a comment below.

Realized Worth works with companies to design and implement employee volunteer programs. We also offer presentations and workshops. Contact us to discuss your needs at contact@realizedworth.com or reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter.

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