The following is a guest contribution from Truist Customer Service Manager and Social Media Strategist David Roose. It has been edited for the purposes of the RW blog.

By David Roose

For many decades, giving consisted of filling out a paper pledge card and mailing in your annual donation to your favorite nonprofit. In the past fifteen years, the act of giving has changed dramatically with the introduction of the internet. Keeping a close eye on these changes is Truist, who manages online giving for Fortune 1000 companies. Truist knows online fundraising from top-to-bottom and inside-out, working  year after year to provide continually improved solutions to online giving.

Over the past few years we’ve seen the biggest revolution in online fundraising yet—crowdfunding. At its core, crowdfunding uses an online platform as the base to get people together to raise funds for a nonprofit or cause. But while the more infamous Kickstarter and Indiegogo offer opportunities to support a creative project, platforms like Causora and GoFundMe are specific to causes. Truist has been watching these developments closely, and has come up with its own solution for the global community: a simple, affordable, single-use tool called InstaGive.

With the launch of this new platform, Truist has created an online giving solution that allows anyone to make credit card donations to their favorite charities or causes. InstaGive was built from the ground up, with design and technology at the forefront. It also adds very complex backend services and solutions (typically available only to large corporations) for small to medium size businesses, nonprofits, and individuals.

InstaGive is hosted using the latest Cloud technology and is highly customizable, which sets it apart from many other crowdfunding options. In minutes, campaign administrators can create their own shareable website with custom colors, branding, logos, images, and content.

One of the more challenging aspects of a successful crowdfunding campaign is getting people aware of your campaign so that they can make donations. With InstaGive, getting visitors to your site is simple; it’s fully integrated with social media, and easily connects to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites.

InstaGive also taps into a database of about 1.1 million nonprofits. Users have access to the same services that Fortune 1000 companies receive with Truist, who has a proven solid distribution model that provides top-notch funds distribution to nonprofits.

Truist understands that the market needs a solution that is elegant while being affordable. With InstaGive, you can register and setup giving campaigns for free, with a small, one-time fee once you’re ready to launch.

Begin by registering for InstaGive now. For more information, visit Truist InstaGive Products.

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