We’re happy to report, corporate volunteering in Europe is on the rise. Learn here about a few of the organizations doing great things.

This past November, a few of us from Realized Worth took a jaunt through 7 European countries, presenting on and researching our favorite topic: employee volunteering. We had the opportunity to learn from great organizations such as ICEP in Vienna, Austria, HÍD in Budapest, Hungary and Altruista in Rome, Italy as well as great people such as Andrew Wilson, from Corporate Citizenship in the UK and co-author of “Volunteering – the Business Case.” As the weeks passed, we became convinced that the enthusiasm of just a few strong leaders in western and eastern Europe may be enough to catapult that part of the world into innovative practices that the US and Canada would be wise to follow.

The Pontis Foundation – Bratislava, Slovakia

In Bratislava, Slovakia, we joined the Pontis Foundation at their annual Corporate Philanthropy Forum. The forum was attended by nearly 100 representatives of both local and transnational companies, many with existing corporate volunteering and CSR programs; all eager to strategize for greater effectiveness. When speaking with Pontis program officer, Olga Shaw, she told us about the cooperation of companies across Slovakia in an event called “Our Town.” Nearly 4500 (which has increased from 400 5 years ago) corporate volunteers helped restore of castle ruins, removed illegal dumps, cleaned up forests and parks, painted schools and community centers, and more. This kind of event marks a significant development in corporate volunteering in eastern Europe.

To learn more about the Pontis Foundation, the Corporate Philanthropy Forum, and “Our Town,” please click on the video below and listen to Olga Shaw speak about it herself.

Pontis Foundation Inverview | Bratislava, Slovakia from chris jarvis on Vimeo.

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