You and I have a voice in social change. Claim that power now and vote for the VH1 “Do Something” Awards!

Involvement in social change is ultra sexy in 2010 – so sexy, in fact, that VH1 and have teamed up to present the 2010 “Do Something” Awards. From movie stars to tv shows, athletes and style, you and I get to decide who deserves to be recognized for doing something for social change.

We at Realized Worth are happily caught up in recognizing the efforts of 5 major cities: Salt Lake City, Utah; Portland, Oregon; Boston, Massachusetts; Austin, Texas; and Greensburg, Kansas. What is each city claiming they deserve the “do something” award for? Read a bit about them here: The Do Something Awards!

The awards air tomorrow (July 19) and today, you can still sway the vote. Claim your voice in social change and VOTE for the city you believe deserves the spotlight.

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