This is a cross post of Fabian Pattberg’s blog found at Fabian writes his blog as a resource for practical information on the topics of Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the use of Social Networking for business and individuals.

Next Wednesday I (Fabian) will be moderating a very interesting panel on the topic of Social Media and CSR at the PR Newswire’s first Virtual Conference and Expo.

The panel will specifically discuss the role of content in this busy and noisy world of Sustainability/CSR. Sustainability/CSR content nowadays is available at a click of a button but how do you actually find the most interesting content? Our aim with the panel is to provide as much practical advice and tips and tricks for you and your organization on how to find,analyzeand use the right content in a way that fits your needs.

We will have examples from Suzanne Fallander representing Intel, Chris Jarvis from 3blMedia and Julie Urlaub from Taiga Company.

prnewswire Join me at the Engage CSR 2010 virtual conference next  week

Here are the details for the panel:

Panel 2 – Social Media and CSR, 1:30-2:15 ET

Topic: Social Media and CSR – Exploring the use of content to accelerate business as a change agent for progress. What roles do each play in content delivery, and what places do they have in advancing business as a change agent?


  • Julie Urlaub, The Taiga Company
  • Suzanne Fallender – Intel
  • Chris Jarvis – 3BLMedia (and Realized Worth of course)
  • Moderator – Fabian Pattberg –

The Twitter hashtag for this virtual conference will be: #CSRExpo

I really hope you will be able to join us. Registration is free. So what more can you ask for. :-)

See you there!


Fabian Pattberg is a sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and social media professional with many years experience in the sustainability and social media field. His expertise includes managing the production of multiple sustainability/CSR reports, planning and coordination of stakeholder engagement campaigns, advising companies on their CSR strategy/implementation and the use of social media for companies to promote their sustainability credentials.

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