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Motivation Matters.

There are a handful of reasons why people show up to volunteer for the first time. In almost every case, their motivation is extrinsic. A motivation is extrinsic when it exists outside of the person, like an athlete who feels compelled to run harder when he hears the crowd cheer him on. On the other hand, intrinsic motivation exists within us, like when that athlete runs harder because of the pleasure the sport brings. (For more on extrinsic versus intrinsic motivation read Part 1 of this series). When it comes to volunteering, extrinsic motivation is good – but it’s not good enough.

Extrinsic motivations don’t last. Intrinsic motivation, however, is personal; it is tied to our identity. We all do what we want – which means we prioritize those activities for which we feel intrinsic motivation. If you want long-term volunteers, you’ve got to leave behind glorified altruism for genuine self-interest.

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