Original airdate: November 17, 2009, 1pm (EST)

Let’s face it, managing employee volunteer programs can be a real headache.


Simple. You’re trying too hard.

Want higher participation and satisfaction rates?
Focus less on motivating people to show up to events. Instead, create the right kind of space for people to discover their own motivation. Appeal to self-interest. Without self-interest, volunteers easily opt out of commitments.

Join this webinar for innovative thinking on corporate volunteering.We will examine recent trends in society that are affecting how and why people choose to volunteer. He’ll show you how to create a program that helps people discover their own compelling reasons to volunteer. Chris’ approach is based on over 12 years of success with this method. We guarantee you’ll attract more volunteers, they’ll keep coming back, and they’ll bring their friends. Oh, and you’ll love your job!

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Current trends in society that are changing the motivations and expectations of volunteers and how to make them work for you.
  • Why most of the techniques we use to motivate people actually turn people off, and what we should be doing instead.
  • How to keep your volunteers by helping them discover their own personal reasons for volunteering
  • How to create a sense of achievement for your volunteers in order to heighten their commitment to your cause.

Who Should Attend:

Corporate Social Responsibility Managers, Community Affairs/Community Relations Managers, Corporate Foundation Managers, Human Resources Managers, Small Business Owners, Nonprofit Executives, Employee Volunteer Program Managers

Vianova works with small to mid-size companies and nonprofits to design and implement creative business solutions in a new, socially responsible and sustainable way.


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