In the wake of the election, I have become more alert. I have come to understand that despite the past 18 months of unprecedented political rhetoric flooding our screens, or the as-yet unforeseen global implications of this moment in history – none of this is new. The issues are not new. Our belief systems are not new. And we are the same in that we want others to agree with us and join our side. I have begun to orient myself in light of what I understand about my country and my community. And now, I am deciding what action to take. I am deciding: Who am I in this moment?


By Angela Parker

I can’t make lofty promises, but as the co-founder of a values-based company, I can commit to strengthening our stand for the ideals that guide our reason for being. With that in mind, I want to reassure our friends, partners, and clients of the following:

Realized Worth stands for equality.

Unfortunately, racism, sexism and other hatreds and phobias affect the psychology of most people. With that understanding, we seek not only equal treatment in the workplace for all races, genders, ages, religions, and preferences, but we actively work to dismantle the silos that perpetuate a culture of us versus them.

Realized Worth stands for acceptance.

Acceptance is not a passive stance, but an active one. As a company, we seek not to change others with our work, but to create space where change can occur. We accept ourselves and others as we are, and in our words and behavior we demonstrate that value is not derived from age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or economic standing; but rather, human value is inherent.

Realized Worth stands for inclusion.

With employees, partners, friends, and clients all over the world, Realized Worth is an open-border company. We will not shut the gate behind us and we will not stand by while walls are built around us. In our work and behaviors, we actively seek experiences that challenge preconceived ideas as to inoculate ourselves against the exclusion or objectification of any people group.

Realized Worth stands for compassion.

While we are a for-profit company responsible for delivering an excellent product within the realm of the “bottom line,” we won’t neglect our hearts. We are a company where compassion – pain, sympathy, and concern for others and ourselves – is embraced as an essential contributor to success. We, along with our partners, clients, and friends, suffer together so that when the time comes, we authentically embrace celebration together, too.

The work we do is focused on the design and implementation of employee volunteer programs, but it has always been about more than volunteering. Volunteering makes us powerful agents of change. It is one of very few activities that can facilitate a respectful interaction between people and issues that are outside the other’s comfort zone. If we are going to see our society progress into one that is equal, inclusive, accepting, and compassionate, we have to assume it is each of our individual responsibilities to contribute to making that change happen.

Realized Worth is committed to taking responsibility to contribute to change, but we can’t do it without you. So in the wake of the election, grieve, celebrate, feel what you feel. Take as long as you need. But then, when you’re ready, we hope you’ll commit to joining us as a person or organization committed to equality, acceptance, inclusion, and compassion. We’re better together.

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Angela Parker
Co-founder/Partner, Realized Worth
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