At Realized Worth, we love epiphanies. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t, but we really love them. Why?

Epiphanies are the moment you step outside yourself, when you realize there is something bigger than your immediate task list. Moments of epiphany leave you with a renewed sense of purpose and hope – and often a big smile on your face.

Although they come in many forms and happen for different reasons, we know from experience that getting involved and helping others is a surefire way to summon the epiphany gods. A well designed volunteering opportunity often creates the space for this to happen.

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By Corey Diamond

There are so many social issues we can contribute to, and so many ways to help others. One of the biggest issues we’re facing as a society is climate change. We need to help the planet if we want to keep helping others; now more than ever, Earth needs your epiphany.

The irreversible effects of climate change on the oceans, forests, soil, and creatures on Earth are happening as you read this, and they will be the defining issue of the century. How we manage this issue, how we deal with the impact it has on us and on our planet will be the true test of humanity’s intelligence, compassion, and resilience.

Of course, most of us don’t live like Jacques Cousteau or Julia Butterfly Hill. Our time in nature is quite limited – we now spend more than a third of our lives on our phones or laptops. More than ever, taking time to be in nature is treated like a destination activity (akin to heading to Wally World) than something inherent in our everyday lives.

Yet for centuries, philosophers from Aristotle (“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous”) to Thoreau to Neil Young have extolled the virtues of living in balance with Mother Nature. It’s one thing to walk through the woods or swim through a coral reef; it’s quite another to take restorative actions to heal the planet. If you can do these things simultaneously, the space and opportunity for epiphany can only get bigger.

Here are a few simple things you can do:

Call EarthShare
Join Amazon, Home Depot, American Express, and hundreds of workplaces across the country that partner with EarthShare to engage their employees in connecting, contributing, and volunteering with the environmental causes that matter to them.

Contact a nearby State or National Park
Most parks have sophisticated volunteering programs, including many opportunities to bring your family. You could clean up a trail, host a campout, or lead a school group. Organizations like Tree People regularly hold environmentally restorative volunteer events and opportunities, and there are plenty of similar groups throughout North America.

Join the 30×30 Movement
Led by world renowned scientist David Suzuki, the program encourages everyone to spend 30 minutes in nature, every day, for 30 days. Workplace challenges and peer-to-peer networking help to make it fun. The benefits of doing this are described well in this infographic.

Go to the beach!
Popular destinations are often the most threatened by us humans, and the beach is no exception. Fortunately, beach cleanups are frequently held by groups like Surfrider Foundation and Sea Shepherd, the latter of which is hosting one Saturday, August 1st on Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA.

It’s summer time. Life is good. Get outside and give yourself some space for epiphany to happen. Earth needs it.

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