Abbott is a global healthcare leader that creates products in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and branded generic pharmaceuticals. The company is headquartered in Abbott Park, IL, USA and as of 2021 has 109,000+ employees in 160+ countries. Abbott helps people live their best lives by bringing life-changing health technologies to the individuals and communities who need them.


Situation & Objective


Key Activities



Situation & Objective

Built to help people live life to the fullest, Abbott is committed to increasing the company’s community impact on a global scale. In 2018, Abbott set out to develop a signature employee volunteering program that aligned with the company’s business priorities and meaningfully engaged employees and the community.

With noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease, on the rise among youth in underserved communities globally, Abbott wanted to design a community program that engaged local school and community kids in a nutrition- and habit-focused educational curriculum, while creating space for Abbott volunteers to meaningfully connect and learn about their communities and NCDs.

Top Project Objectives

Key Activities

Abbott engaged Realized Worth to design a multi-year strategy with a focus on long-term, scalable employee engagement.



  • Realized Worth conducted surveys, interviews, and focus groups to understand Abbott employees’ attitudes and perspectives on the prospective program.



  • Realized Worth facilitated a series of Strategy Design Workshops to determine the program objectives, structure and implementation plan for what would become Abbott’s Future Well Kids signature program.
  • The workshops were highly collaborative and included the Abbott Global Citizenship Team, Abbott Fund leadership, partnering agencies and engaged Abbott volunteers to ensure a well-rounded strategy and generate program buy-in from the beginning.



  • Realized Worth facilitated a network development process and created materials to sustainably expand the Future Well Kids Volunteer Champion network in coming years.
  • Realized Worth determined training requirements and developed Volunteer Champion onboarding materials, self-paced training video modules, a comprehensive toolkit and onsite training event for Abbott Future Well Kids Volunteer Champions.



  • Realized Worth co-created an integrated launch plan which included the strategic rollout of program and Volunteer Champion communications, training and change management.
  • Future Well Kids launch in August of 2019 with its annual live, in-person training, co-designed and co-facilitated by Realized Worth.



  • Realized Worth created a measurement framework and advised on measurement mechanisms, including the use of Benevity for measuring Volunteer Champion engagement.


Abbott and Realized Worth, in collaboration with Discovery Education and Catalysis, designed, implemented and launched Future Well Kids, a kids health program that aims to decrease the risk of NCDs for youth in underserved communities. The program embodies the three strategic focus areas of Abbott and Abbott Fund: health care, community engagement, and science & education.

150+ Volunteer Champions trained in year one (2020)

Since launching, we have trained over 150 Abbott employees on how to be a Volunteer Champion, facilitate a Transformative Future Well Kids volunteering experience and exercise cultural sensitivity in the classroom.

Launched in 19 Abbott sites in three countries

In the first year of the program, Future Well Kids Champions are actively delivered the Future Well Kids curriculum across Abbott sites in the USA, Mexico and Ireland.

94% of 2021 training participants gave the training a top rating of 80% or higher

Further, 98% said being a Volunteer Champion is personally fulfilling and 96% said they would recommend being a Future Well Kids Champion to a colleague.

In 2021, Future Well Kids will expand to two additional countries

Due to the program’s overwhelming success, Realized Worth is partnering with Abbott to expand the program to Abbott Sites in the US, UK and Colombia.