Take a moment to consider the places where volunteering takes place. Usually it’s in the gaps left between what the systems of our society provide and what is actually needed. In these gaps, we find homelessness, hunger, poverty and sickness. When we step into these spaces, we go beyond what we know and what we have experienced. We volunteer to help, but something unexpected happens…we remember our humanity.

It doesn’t happen for everyone and when it does happen, it doesn’t look the same from person to person. But without question, the spaces we go to when we volunteer are rich with reminders of what really matters in life.

Unfortunately, most of us spend our lives worried and anxious about health and wealth. We estimate our value based on what we drive, where we live, how much money we make, and the degrees we’ve accumulated. These things are important, but they do not determine our value. Our humanity is not defined by what we own, how much money we make, or how much we sell. These realizations tend to find us in a meaningful way when we step into the gaps and encounter the humanity that lives there.

We call these moments of realization “epiphany.”

When epiphany happens, we are changed. Realized Worth is about creating space for epiphany to happen. When the company was founded in 2008, it was with a wholehearted belief in the power of the corporation to offer individuals the chance to experience epiphany, be transformed, and live out of the best of who they are. Better people make better companies – and most importantly, a better world.

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