Who We Are

With a complete team tailored to each company’s needs, Realized Worth walks with CSR practitioners from planning through implementation, leaving them fully equipped to manage an established, employee-led volunteering and giving program.

Realized Worth is a global consulting firm founded in 2008 by Chris Jarvis and Angela Parker. The company is among a small industry of CSR consultancies, with a niche focus on engaging employees in corporate volunteering and giving programs, which includes designing and fully implementing program strategies. Fundamentally, our goal is to equip companies to develop their employees into leaders – leaders whose decision-making is influenced by their exposure to social issues and societal needs.

Wondering what your company needs to do to take your program to the next level? Just give us a call – if we can’t find the answers you need, we’ll be happy to direct you to one of our friends in the industry who can. You can reach the whole team at 855.926.4678 or contact@realizedworth.com.


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