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I met Chris via Twitter in 2009 and finally got to attend one of his workshops in April, 2011. I was blown away by his passion for, and expertise on, corporate volunteerism (for lack of a better term). It’s a complex subject and he was able to take an audience with little-to-no experience from a dozen diverse organizations through the subject. Risks, rewards, processes and how to build an effective program inside our own organizations – solid work on his part. I’ve worked in various aspects of CSR, sustainability and employee volunteerism since 2007 and Chris turned my experience on its head. If your organization is considering a volunteer program, Chris is the guy to engage to make it successful.

Dave Macdonald
CMA, Principle, YUPANA Consulting

Chris Jarvis gives an engaging and inspiring presentation – even via webex and from the opposite side of the globe. The attendees of our 2011 Community Investment Forum in Hong Kong gave overwhelming feedback saying the presentation far exceeded their expectations. While listening, attendees took notes furiously. By the end of the day, they had connected so well with Chris’ “Tourist, Traveler, Guide” analogy of employee volunteering that they were using the terms themselves in discussions. On top of all this, Chris’ use of the presentation software, Prezi, impressed everyone such that we are looking into incorporating it into our own future presentations. I cannot express strongly enough how pleased I am that we chose Chris to present for us – any chance to work with him in the future will be a welcome opportunity.

Robin Bishop
Chief Operating Officer,
Community Business, Hong Kong

I’ve heard Chris speak on two occasions: at IABC’s World Conference for communicators and to Humber College’s International Development students. In both cases, he offered insightful and fresh best practices and cases studies about corporate volunteering and social responsibility that zeroed in on the audiences’ distinct priorities. Chris and Angela, his Realized Worth business partner, are truly committed to their work and this shines through in a style that is both inspirational and informative. A fountain of information, Chris was particularly generous with the students as he peppered his presentation with reference to tools and resources that some students began using almost immediately.

Leslie Hetherington
Immediate Past President, International Association of Business Communicators, Toronto Chapter

Chris is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, articulate and positive people I have met in the CSR world of corporate volunteering in the past few years. There are very few experts in this field who have the vision to take coprorate volunteering programs to the next level, and even fewer who can understand the context on all sides of the equation and tanslate that into practical, manageable and successful corporate programs. Chris does this expertly. Chris shares his knowledge generously in his blog which is always a pleasure and an inspiration to read. Chris is the guy who helps you out if you are in a fix, connects people who can learn from each other, and generally brings positive spirit into any interaction.

Elaine Cohen
CEO, BeyondBusiness

Chris Jarvis’ expertise on employee volunteer programs are well-informed, finger-on-the-pulse relevant and just plain wise. Follow his advice and you will elevate your employee volunteering to new levels of greatness– no matter what developmental stage it finds itself. The discipline of employee volunteering is richer thanks to Chris’ fresh outlook, keen insight and clear thinking.

Bea Boccalandro
Owner at VeraWorks; Faculty at Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

Chris is the most passionate and knowledgeable corporate volunteering expert I know, and should be everybody’s first stop for any guidance in this area. He is an incredibly warm, accessible and charismatic colleague that is always enjoyable to engage with, whilst producing the highest level of professional advice.

David Connor
Managing Director, Coethica Limited

Chris is a go-to leader in Corporate Social Responsiblity. His vision and practical strategies for corporate volunteering programs will have a lasting impact on how businesses engage in good work in communities far and wide.

Karen Bantuveris
Founder & CEO, VolunteerSpot, Inc.

Chris delivers amazingly. He has charisma, substance and spirit. His mission is clear, and he is an amazing communicator. People like Chris are few and far between.

Dirk Matten
Professor, Hewlett-Packard Chair in Corporate Social Responsibility, Schulich School of Business, York University
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