Program Design & Implementation


Strategy is important – but it’s not enough.

In recent interactions with Fortune 500 companies, Realized Worth has discovered that companies with the best CSR programs need less help in planning and more help in execution. Strategy documents are important, but they don’t get the job done. What companies need is a team to come around them with shovels and hardhats to dig ditches and turn plans into action. Realized Worth understands this challenge. Read more.

Getting Started With Realized Worth

The first step is to schedule a phone call with the Realized Worth team and your core team. This call will act as an environmental scan that will help us understand your corporate citizenship situation. In a followup proposal, we will rephrase your immediate objectives as well as your goals for the future of the program. In continued collaborative conversations, we will adjust the outlined goals and objectives if necessary to ensure they fit exactly the direction your company intends to go. Read about the overall deliverables.

What is the typical engagement process?

First, we’ll identify what’s working, what’s not, and why.
Many employee volunteering and workplace giving programs aren’t as successful as they should be. In most cases, the key is understanding the employee’s experience. We’ll invest the time it takes to speak to your employees, ask them the right questions, and listen to what they have to say. The results just might surprise you! Read more about the typical engagement process.

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