Does Your Community Investment Program Need An Update?

We are pleased to announce that Realized Worth and Corporate Citizenship  are now working together to help companies refine their community investment and company culture.



So we have to tell you, we are extremely excited about this joint venture. For some time now we have been exploring ways to offer a ‘make-over’ for corporate community investment programs. We knew that if we were going to do it right, we would need a partner with experience in employee engagement and community investment equal to our own. Our ambition is to provide exceptional support to companies looking to unlock the influence of their diverse resources – whether financial, human, or intellectual –  to help solve society’s issues and take their place in society as excellent corporate citizen.

We found our partner in Corporate Citizenship.



We understand that your company and the communities in which you operate are continuously evolving.  While these new developments create exciting new opportunities, the ever-changing landscape also makes it difficult to keep your corporate responsibility program fresh and relevant.  We’ve mapped out an approach that will reinvigorate the momentum needed to drive your community program forward.

We will work with you to set your company apart as a recognized leader in corporate responsibility.



Based on your company’s unique business, culture, and needs, we will help review, design, and execute a strategy that will produce a meaningful and measurable impact in your community.  Our goal is to ensure your corporate community investment program meets five key objectives:

  • Stand out as a leader
  • Exceed expectations
  • Align with business objectives
  • Establish trust among stakeholders
  • Achieve results



Here are a few questions to see if this sounds like something you may be interested in:

  • Do you need to review your community investment strategy?
  • Is it time to increase participation in your employee volunteering program?
  • Would you like to take your workplace giving program to the next level?
  • Are you looking for a signature program for your company?
  • Have you been searching for some verifiable data to prove that your programs are making a difference?
If you answered yes to any of these questions we invite you to give us a call. Our combined offering will enable you to share the real, unique value of your efforts, in numbers as well as stories, with your employees and wider community.

Call or email Realized Worth to talk further about how we can help turn your vision of community engagement into reality: | (855) 926-4678


More about Corporate Citizenship:

Corporate Citizenship is one of the longest standing specialist consultancies, working with corporate clients around the world to achieve their commitments to responsible business behaviours and sustainable practices.

Twitter @CCitizenship

LinkedIn Corporate-Citizenship



More about Realized Worth:

Realized Worth is a global corporation that develops workplace volunteer programs, engaging and motivating a company’s employees to participate in community events outside the office.


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